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Configuring WikiMedia for an Active Directory based intranet – Part 2

Getting MediaWiki to securely authenticate off of a Win 2003 Active Directory ended up being much trickier than I first thought. The documentation at MediaWiki on the subject was missing some key pieces of information. Getting Secure LDAP setup on … Continue reading

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From my treo

Before I took the plunge and forked over a few hundred $ and bought me treo 650, I used to think the ‘from my treo/blackberry’ signature on email was a conceit. Now after a few months I realize it’s really … Continue reading

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VPN Quarantine

My non-profit organization has two-thirds of its staff working from home offices and other remote locations. Currently they rely heavily on using Remote Desktop to access our Terminal Server just to use Outlook and access our network shares. This is … Continue reading

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