Jiujitsu in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Continuing on my trend of traveling and training, I’ll be working in Buenos Aires for the next three weeks. So, I’ve started researching BJJ schools in the area. I’ve been to BA several times and usually I stay in either Palermo Soho or Palermo Chico. Unfortunately, from my initial research (see map below) it looks like each of the gyms I’ve found are a good cab ride away. Too bad, because Buenos Aires, unlike Panama and Burlington, Mass, is a very walkable city. Though, it is having one of its coldest recorded winters right now. (Our summer is their winter.)

Here’s what I was able to garner from the interweb. All the information below has not yet been verified and, given past personal experience, I expect it has a 50% chance of being wrong. I won’t be able to confirm anything until I get there. I will try to update this post afterwards. If you’ve had any experience training in Buenos Aires please add to the comments below.

Gracie Academia Buenos Aires – two locations in BA (which oddly enough have two completely separate websites)

http://www.graciebuenosaires.com.ar – inside Club Flex, Galicia 850, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina

http://www.academiagracie.com.ar – inside Buenos Aires Gym, Río de Janeiro 387, en el barrio de Almagro, Capital Federal. Tel.: (011) 4981-8218

Gracie Barra Argentinahttp://www.graciebarra.com.ar – From the website it looks like the location in Sante Fe is the main one and Buenos Aires was not listed at all. But a post on their facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gracie-Barra-Argentina/167450883271420) gave the following as of this past June;

Gracie Barra Buenos Aires
Gimnasio Xtreme Fiteness Point, Av J. Maria Moreno 718 .
Martes y Jueves 21hs. Sabados 11hs.
Profesor Jose Wellington Resende Jr. Faixa Preta Gracie Barra

** Dec 2, 2011 – Updated address based on Martin’s comments (translated)

Gracie Barra Buenos Aires
SPORT FITNESS, Avenida Asamblea 1130 first floot ( near Chacabuco park)
Classes are Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 9:30 – 11pm
Brazilian jiu jitsu and grappling submission.
Tel. 4922 – 3437

Sukata Gymhttp://sukata.com.ar – Apolinario Figueroa 934

Revolution BJJhttp://www.revolutionbjj.com.ar/http://www.cantubjj.com.ar – facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/61337441244/ – closest location to central Buenos Aires seems to be Sede Villa Crespo on Camargo 284.

Dudu Duarte http://www.dudubjj.com – Bulnes 1226,

Pitbull Dojohttp://www.pitbulldojo.com.ar – Gral. Lemos 8 Esq. Dorrego – Villa Crespo – Capital Federal – Argentina




***December 2, 2011 – Finally got around to posting the follow up to this post. Click here to read it.