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Determining Salesforce Server Pod and if Sandbox via Apex

Recently, I’ve developed some apex classes that were doing callouts to external endpoints like CastIron and Worldpay. I was developing those in a sandbox and from that sandbox called to test endpoints. However, when that code was migrated to production, … Continue reading

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Jiujitsu in Buenos Aires, Argentina – Parte Dos

I’ve taken my sweet time in writing the follow up to my first post on researching BJJ in Argentina.┬áIn my defense, in the four months since I’ve been back I’ve been travelling like a madman — San Francisco, Boston (twice), … Continue reading

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Get your Salesforce project stats using Apex

I mentioned recently that I was working an a rather large project and posted some stats on how many classes, custom objects, etc were involved. Of course, I didn’t count those by hand. I wrote a little script that I … Continue reading

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