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My Left Foot or How I learned to love the bag

Now here’s an interesting post outside of the normal tech sphere. The other day I went to the gym. I know, *gasp*, tech people go to the gym?! You should see the reaction I get when I tell people I … Continue reading

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Using Linux to rescue a Windows hard drive

So, a friend of mine tells me his Thinkpad is kapput. As ‘computer guy’ requests go this is more interesting than the “what computer do you think I should buy” I normally get. Anyway, after very little troubleshooting I conluded … Continue reading

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A force of one

Being ‘Director of Information Technology/Business Systems’ sounds very lofty and officious, but being a department unto oneself at a entrepreneurial non-profit has its moments of humility. So while I manage a >$200k budget and deal with outsourced tech vendors from … Continue reading

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Flash Based Training on MediaWiki

As I’ve mentioned a few other times here, I established a wiki for my organization’s intranet. It’s really taken off as a way for users to quickly and easily post and share documents. I mostly use it to post how … Continue reading

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