RIP: Sony Dream Machine 1983 – 2008

P033i8 Most people find it comical that a career technologist like myself is not the gadget geek one would expect. Case in point; I bought my first iPod, (in fact, my first digital music player) today. To compliment my shiny new Nano, I also purchased an iHome IH9B6 to play tunes out loud. An added benefit; I can wake up to a different alarm than the one I’ve heard for the last 25 years.
    It is with some sadness that I replace the Sony Dream Machine (Model ICF-C10W) that was given to me as a birthday present two and a half decades ago. In an age of planned obsolescence, it is amazing to have a personal connection to a electronic device that you have had since childhood. I’d like to think that my new iPod will last that long. Somehow I doubt this.
    Honestly, I’m less surprised that my teenaged clock radio works than the fact that it has its own web page. Thanks to for helping me date myself.

4 thoughts on “RIP: Sony Dream Machine 1983 – 2008

  1. Miles

    I wonder if some electrical whiz couldn’t add an Ipod input for you?
    In fact I just picked up one for $2 from the second hand store and was considering opening it up to make it even dimmer (I like to sleep in almost total darkness).
    I hadn’t considered adding an input, but now I am thinking of it.


  2. I came across this post after wondering – gee wonder how old my radio is. I got it in high school and its made it through three colleges, three apartments, two houses, and now a husband and college student of my own. What a great 30 plus year we’ve had – and its still waking me up every morning!


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