Skype Extension for Wikimedia

I’m constantly championing Skype within my non-profit organization as a way to increase communication while decreasing costs. As part of our developing MediaWiki intranet I wanted to create a directory of staff members and their skype usernames. I also wanted to add buttons ( for calling, chatting, and adding skype users.

Existing skype extensions focused only on showing a users Skype status. ( In true wiki style, I added my own variaton on the code to allow editors to create buttons for different skype actions.

  $wgExtensionFunctions[] = "wfskype";

function wfSkype() {
global $wgParser;
$wgParser->setHook( “skype”, “renderSkype” );

# The callback function for converting the input text to HTML output
function renderSkype( $input, $argv ) {

if( !isset( $argv[‘action’] ) ){
$skype_action = “call” ;
} else {
$skype_action = $argv[‘action’] ;

switch( $skype_action ){

case “call”:
$skype_width = 70 ;
$skype_height = 23 ;

case “add”:
$skype_width = 118 ;
$skype_height = 23 ;

case “chat”:
$skype_width = 97 ;
$skype_height = 23 ;

$skype_action = “call” ;
$skype_width = 70 ;
$skype_height = 23 ;


$output = ‘<!– Skype buttons –>’;
$output .= ‘<!– MediaWiki extension;;

     $output .= 'index.php?title=Skype_extension -->';
     $output .= '     $output .= '/js/skypeCheck.js">';
     $output .= '<a href="skype:'.$input.'?'.$skype_action.'">';
     $output .= '<img src="';
     $output .= 'buttons/'.$skype_style.'" ' ;
     $output .= 'style="border: none; width: '.$skype_width.'px; height: '.$skype_height.'px;" alt="Skype me" /></a>';
     $output .= '<!-- end of skype button -->';

return $output;

  1. Copy the code into a file (e.g. skype.php)
  2. Save the file in the extensions directory of your mediawiki folder
  3. Add the line include('extensions/skype.php'); to the end of your LocalSettings.php file

In any wiki post, you can add <skype action="specified_action">Skype-Username</skype> where specified_action is call, chat, or add and Skype-Username is a valid skype username.

Buttons appear as

Call me!
Add me to Skype

Chat with me

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One Response to Skype Extension for Wikimedia

  1. Eric ur knowledge sharing rocks! My coding ability unfortunately falls significantly short of urs. I am a Wikimedia user and I want to get people talking to initiate deep consultation processes, integrated dedicated communication within Wikimedia Projects. I know this is possible as I have clicked on a Skype button myself in this environment. I cant seem to get the Skype Extension working and am having a challenge getting any support. I appreciate u r busy mate, but geez i’d appreciate a hand and a bit of ur time. Skype me: b9_hummingbird_hovering


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