The bicycle thief

I've been looking for a cheap bike now that I have an apartment with extra space. Unfortunately, it's summer and every other Brooklynite has the same idea. Craigslist is awash with bikes for sale; so much so, it's overwhelming. Most of them re-painted junkers for $500. Now, I haven't ridden seriously since I was a teen and used to follow the Gimbel's Ride (as far as the huge hill by the Kenisco Dam anyway, leaving me to find my way home to the Bronx alone). So, I'm not exactly up to date on the world of cycling. (They can make bikes out of bamboo? For real? Wow. And they cost $2,700. Wha?!? But, its made of freakin' wood. Wow. It ain't easy being green.)

Bike_mugshot This led to a thorough (some would say obssessive) search of the interweb for sources of cheap bikes. Ebay was a bust. Someone on Yelp suggested police auctions. Another search revealed that the Toronto po-po have their own Ebay store. What's even better is that they have mugshots of the bikes in their lineup. "Number 4, please turn to left." Ah, trust the Canadians to make us laugh after a long day of fuitless Googling. Well… I laughed anyway. Though I'm probably gonna cry if I end up at the bike shop plopping down $600 for a Trek Soho S. Then I will have to depend on the Japanese to lift my spirts out of the doghouse. Te he. Dog pun. Ok, I need to step away from the computer now.

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