Too Legit to Quit

I've maintained this blog for a few years now, posting Salesforce related items on and off (admittedly more off than on). Recently, however, I was asked to kick it up a notch and become an offical blogger at's DeveloperForce for both the Blog and Wiki. I know, right?

My first effort was to co-author the article Apex Design Patterns along with two other top experts at; Dennis Thong and Manu Erwin. To give credit where credit is due, the article is based on a presentation Dennis delivered back at Dreamforce 2012. So, my contribution was a bit more Ctrl-C/Crtl-V than coming up with original content. Though, now that I've been given the keys to the kingdom I'm feeling a bit more motivated to take on some off my personal blog posts that have been languishing in draft mode. Stay tuned.

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