Fighting this Saturday

The last few months have been fairly uneventful; work, train, sleep, rinse, repeat. So, to celebrate my recent birthday and see if all this training is paying off, I signed up to fight in the 2008 North American Grappling Championship of Grappler's Quest this Saturday.


I've done tournaments and inter-school heaters  before (mainly Karate and Muay Thai), but this will be my first Brazilian Jujitsu competition. I've only been practicing BJJ for a little over a year now. I'm a bit nervous and determined to not be either of the guys in this picture because … well, one's a loser and the other one's getting choked out. Luckily, I'll have support from my teammates at Ronin Athletics and hopefully I'll have some pictures/video of my impressive victories. However, if I get schooled by some some punk dressed like a ninja … then we will never speak of this again.

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