Grappler’s Quest Results

Well my faithful reader(s) you've been waiting long enough for a follow-up to my last post. I went 1 for 1 in the Welterweight (160-169.9 lbs) Beginner division at the 2008 Northeast Championship of Grappler's Quest. I was happy with my first showing.

Lessons learned;

  1. Do not get on a 6 hour flight the day after a fight – my coach class flight to San Francisco was made all the more pleasant by a pulled hamstring. I also had the middle seat.
  2. Learn the points system – while 4 four minutes might seem like a long time compared to 3 minute Muay Thai rounds it flies by quickly. In my second match, I got absolutely whipped on points (20-0) because I didn't realize that regaining half-guard wasn't getting me anywhere. See also point 3.
  3. Move up a weight class – I dropped from 175 to compete as a Welterweight which in hindsight wasn't a great idea. The thought was that I'd compete at the higher end of the class (I weighed in only 4 ounces under the maximum for the division) and fight lighter guys. In reality, its all about the weight to strength ratio. A 5'10" person has a lower muscle to body weight percentage than someone of the same weight at 5'4". I came to this realization during my second match as my much much shorter opponent sat on my chest like a sack of meat. Getting back up to 180 as soon as possible.
  4. Pre-fight prep was perfect – The event went just like the karate tournanments I used to frequent; hurry up and wait. I arrived at 10am and fought at 5pm. Expecting this, I came prepared; warm gear to sit around for hours in a cold gym, iPod with Billie Holiday and slow jams to keep the adrenaline in check, time the warm-up as close to the match as possible, then queue the high tempo stuff and Go, Go, Go! Felt peaked and ready when the time cam to get on the mat.

There is some video which I hope to post and viciously critique. Until then.

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